6A Art Class: Acrylic painting – portraying female icons

In Art Class the 6A produced some fascinating and impressive works last year. They started out studying the basic anatomy of the human face, exploring the self-portrait and refining their pencil technique. Learning from Albrecht Dürer and the Renaissance Masters, they acquired the age-old technique of the grid-drawing, used to transfer images square by square. Armed with these tools, the students then tackled the challenge of portraying an iconic or otherwise significant female face in acrylic paint on canvas. 

Text und Fotos: Vanessa Meinhart, Artwork: SchülerInnen der 6A 2022/23

English Workshop at Museum der Moderne on Samuel Fosso

English elective course 6AB 

On Wednesday, 8th of March, 2023, students from 6A and 6B had the pleasure to visit the exhibition on Samuel Fosso displayed at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg.  

Ms Mirabelle Spreckelsen-Csar gave us a fantastic interactive tour through the exhibition of this multifaceted artist. The students had the chance to find out more about Samuel Fosso and to talk about their own impressions, which was a great way to not only practice English, but also to challenge one’s own world view as well as existing stereotypes.  

We highly recommend the exhibition to you! 




Text und Fotos: Simone Holleis